Locover, whose R&D studies started on December 25, 2019, offers a unique accommodation and transportation service for all travelers, especially students from all over the world, where you will "experience the comfort of your home".

Why Locover?

A Unique Experience where you will experience the comfort of your home!
- You will have a very safe and wonderful experience with approved Locover families and homes.
- You will have the opportunity to practice language with them during your stay in our approved Locover families.
- Our approved Locover Drivers (Super Driver) will meet you at the airport and you will enjoy the comfort of going to your accommodation safely.
- With Locover, our Approved Locover Drivers (Super Driver) in the country you went to provide support while buying a sim card, creating a public transport card and bank account, and you will enjoy the convenience.
- The homes of our approved Locover families are COVID-19 cleared approved and selected homes. You also have to sleep comfortably.

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Post : 181 Dundas Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 1Z4
Tax No: 6440501498